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"But, we can regain the lost defense and healing power if we return as
close as possible to the laws of nature as they are created."

from Senate Committee testimony, Senate Bill S1875, July 2, 1946

"Cancer cannot develop in a healthy body."

from Are Soil, Nutrient and Metabolic Degradation the Foundations for the Development of Cancer?

"Where there is no modern civilization, there is no cancer. (see the
Hunzas, Ethiopian people and others) but where civilization starts to
change nutrition, cancer starts (see Albert Schweitzer's Briefe aus
Lambarene, Central Africa, Oct. 1954, page 18/19, and the reports of
Eskimos after they accepted canned foods)."

from CAN CANCER BE PREVENTED?, Prevention Magazine, April, 1957

full description in A CANCER THERAPY, RESULTS OF 50 CASES by Dr. Max Gerson, Chapter 2

"People are not willing to change their diets
                                        until the knife is at their throats."

from biography HEALING THE HOPELESS by grandson Howard Straus, Chapter 11

"The result at the sick-bed is decisive" - Professor Adolph Kussmaul

from A CANCER THERAPY, RESULTS OF FIFTY CASES by Dr. Max Gerson, end of Chapter 28

"I do not want to make the mistake Winston Churchill expressed so
clearly: "Men occasionally stumble over the Truth, but most pick
themselves up and hurry off as if Nothing had happened.""

from A CANCER THERAPY, RESULTS OF FIFTY CASES by Dr. Max Gerson, end of Chapter 28

"All degenerative diseases are the result of                                             
                                        nutritional deficiency and liver toxicity."

Charlotte Gerson summary of A CANCER THERAPY, RESULTS OF FIFTY CASES by Dr. Max Gerson,

"Cancer must be prevented by preventing damage to the liver. The basic measure of prevention is not to eat the damaged, dead, poisoned food which we bring into our bodies. Every day, day by day, we poison our bodies. The older people still have a better liver and resistance from the food they had when they were young. The younger people get worse and the babies, now the second generation on canned baby foods, are still worse. They get leukemias. First of all, eat as much as you can of raw food, keep the potassium level up, and take some iodine."

from Q&A session of 1956 lecture in Escondido, California
The cure of advanced cancer by diet therapy: a summary of 30 years of clinical experimentation

"It is the Doctor's duty to activate and re-activate the patient's own healing mechanism."

from Charlotte Gerson quoting her father Dr. Max Gerson in the Food Matters documentary

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Gerson Therapy Med-Pack CD- ROM – Published 2012

This CD contains many important and informative documents on The Gerson Therapy and is a must have for anyone doing research or needing support material on Dr. Gerson or the Gerson Therapy and its beneficial effect on health and the human body. Some of the documents included are …

• A downloadable and printable PDF of Dr. Gerson’s original testimony before the Pepper –Neely congressional committee considering a $100 million bill for the study and treatment of cancer. (a rare historical document because Dr. Gerson’s testimony was later removed from congressional archives)
• Dr. Gerson’s original published articles in English
• Transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Gerson himself
• A review of Dr. Max Gerson and the Gerson Therapy by Dr. Andrew Saul
• The history of the Gerson Therapy
• Published papers and reviews of the Gerson Therapy by prominent doctors, scientists and researchers and much much more