Proximity Badge System
100 employee capacity

Lathem PC60 RFID badges time and attendance system at

PC600 is the recommended replacement.

PC600 is the recommended replacement.

Sadly, the PC60 has been discontinued.
Below are the accessories still available.
No returns accepted on these items.

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Badges / Racks

PC60 RFID Badges, pack of 15, each

RF-BADGE Lathem PC50 RFID badges at





Horizontal 12-capacity Badge Rack

from the LATHEM website...

This badge rack is a recommended accessory for any PayClock Time and Attendance system. Many companies use two badge racks with one on each side of the terminal. As employees clock in, they move their badge from the "out" rack to the "in" rack... an effective way for supervisors to determine who is on-site.

Designed for longevity, all racks are constructed of heavy duty steel and then powder-coated charcoal GRAY to prevent corrosion. Mounting hardware and badge slot numbers are included to help you get the most out of your badge rack.

Lathem 12-BB badge rack at









PC60 RFID Key Fobs, pack of 5, each $30.00

RFKEY-5 Lathem PC50 RFID key fobs at

from the Lathem website...

This package of 5 key fob badges is a perfect addition to any PC60 system.  These badge replacements allow employees to attach a small device to their keys which reduces the chances that they are lost or forgotten at home.  If they drive, the employee can't come to work without their badge.  These key fobs work exactly like the badges and have the badge number printed on them for easy entry into the software.

(Key not included)




 VIE2764, External Power Adapter for PC60

VIE2764 Lathem PC50 External Power Adapter at

from the Lathem website...

This part is a high quality REGULATED power supply that produces a reliable 5V DC current for the PC60 terminal.  You should not use a standard (non-regulated) power supply as these may provide an average voltage stated on the device but do not provide a consistent voltage.  Other power supplies may damage the PC60 and void the warranty or annual support agreement.

(Actual product may differ from photo)