Touch Screen & Proximity Time System
50 employee capacity
Upgradeable to 1000 employees maximum


Lathem PC600 Video
43.2mb MP4 file


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Comparison of old PayClock Pro v5 software to new PayClock v6 software.

Conversion Facts

The features that are NOT available in PayClock Version 6 include:
•Consecutive Day Overtime
•Custom Rounding Rules
•Ability To Add Time Back For Breaks
•Premium Time Zones
•Preset Holiday Calendars
•Track Worked Holidays
•Accrual Policies and Accrual Rules
•Shift Differential Adjustments
•Custom Pay Codes
•Pay Code Adjusters
•Restricting Access To Specific Employees
•Customizable Reports

How to Migrate from earlier versions to PayClock 6


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from the LATHEM website...

Lathem's PayClock PC600 System automatically calculates worked hours including overtime as well as providing the tracking of benefit time for 50 employees (and can be easily expanded to 1,000).

Consisting of a touch screen proximity badge terminal and easy to use time and attendance software, the PC600 terminal uses Ethernet communications to connect to your LAN (local area network or WAN (wide area network). Employees enter PIN numbers or proximity badges to punch in and out, transfer departments or enter tips and amounts. Supervisors can add employees, edit punches and message employees directly at the terminal for fast and effective workforce management.

At the end of the pay period comprehensive payroll and attendance data can be viewed on the screen, printed to reports, sent to Excel, or exported directly into your existing payroll software for a seamless punch to paycheck solution.

It also seamlessly integrates with major payroll software such as QuickBooks®, ADP® and Paychex®.

Now shipped with our latest software, Version 6!


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Price Each  

PC600-KIT, PC600 Time System, 50 employee, 1 user, each
PayClock v6 Software CD-ROM
PC600 Terminal
15 badges
Ethernet Cable
Printed User Guide
All Mounting Hardware

Lathem PC600-Kit at





PC600 Terminal Only, Ethernet, 1000 employees max per device, each
PC600 Terminal
Ethernet Cable
Printed User Guide
All Mounting Hardware

Lathem PC600 terminal at





Software Options

Upgrade to Multi-User, 10 Max. Concurrent Users (Unlock Code)
Upgrade to 100 employees (Unlock Code)
Upgrade to 150 employees (Unlock Code)
Upgrade to 250 employees (Unlock Code)
Upgrade to 500 employees (Unlock Code)
Upgrade to 1000 employees (Unlock Code)




Software Upgrades

PayClock Software Upgrade to latest version




Badges / Key Fobs / Badge Reels

RFID Badges, pack of 15, each

RF-BADGE Lathem PC600 RFID badges at




RFID, BULK PURCHASE, 10+ packs of 15, each

RF-BADGE Lathem PC600 RFID badges at




RFID Key Fobs, pack of 5, each $30.00

RFKEY-5 Lathem PC600 RFID key fobs at

from the Lathem website...

This package of 5 key fob badges is a perfect addition to any PC600 system.  These badge replacements allow employees to attach a small device to their keys which reduces the chances that they are lost or forgotten at home.  If they drive, the employee can't come to work without their badge.  These key fobs work exactly like the badges and have the badge number printed on them for easy entry into the software.

(Key not included)







RB8, bell relay booster, 8 amps, each




6-inch Wheelock Bell 115VAC




6-inch Wheelock Bell 24VAC, (needs a step down transformer)




Wheelock Horn 115VAC




Federal Horn 24VAC (needs a step down transformer)





Horizontal 12-capacity Badge Rack

from the LATHEM website...

This badge rack is a recommended accessory for any PayClock Time and Attendance system. Many companies use two badge racks with one on each side of the terminal. As employees clock in, they move their badge from the "out" rack to the "in" rack... an effective way for supervisors to determine who is on-site.

Designed for longevity, all racks are constructed of heavy duty steel and then powder-coated charcoal GRAY to prevent corrosion. Mounting hardware and badge slot numbers are included to help you get the most out of your badge rack.

Lathem 12-BB badge rack at





Annual Support Agreements

Support for PC600 System, hardware & software, purchased within first 30 days
includes first year of SATADD remote PC access support
$49.00 additional per year after first year for a total of $148.00
$99.00 Direct from Lathem
Support for PC600 System, hardware & software, purchased after 30 days
$148.50 Direct from Lathem
Support for PC600 System, hardware & software, purchased after 1 year
$185.50 Direct from Lathem