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 ATR480 Electronic Totalizing Time Recorder, each

Acroprint ATR480 available at


The ATR480 is a robust totalizing time clock. Recorder handles up to 50 employees on
a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay period. ATR480 automatically
calculates time between punches & totals time in hours and minutes. Break time is
automatically deducted and two-color printing makes early and late punches easy to
identify. This flexible clock can handle calculations using either exact or rounded time.
Clock requires ATR481 time cards, and is designed for a professional office
environment. Clock offers 120V/240V switching power supply which adapts to different
voltages throughout the world. Clock
works with external bell/horn to signify start and
stop times. The ATR480 comes with a
Built-in Battery Backup, the clock will keep time
and allow employees to punch in and out during loss of power. Unit comes with a large
easy to read digital display. Digital display is either 12 or 24 hour and will print in
standard AM/PM hours or military format. Clock may be wall or table mounted.
two-year warranty on parts and labor.




Red/Black cartridge, each

39-0127-002 red/black ribbon for ATR120r/ATR480 available at




Time Cards    
ATR481 time cards, Pack of 50, each

09-9115-000 ATR481 time cards available at




Card Racks    

Expandable, plastic, 10 capacity, each
15" x 4.0" x 2.25" fits 7.0" cards






M120R Expandable, plastic, 25 capacity, each
26.5" x 4.0" x 2.25" fits 7.0" cards




ATR480 keys, 1 pair, each